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Posted April 3, 2015 by MikeD in Comedy

Zombeavers – Everything a comedy/horror b-movie should be


Written by: Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan, and Jordan Rubin

Directed by: Jordan Rubin

Starring: Rachel Melvin, Cortney Palm, Lexi Atkins, Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, Peter Gilroy, Rex Linn, Brent Briscoe, Bill Burr, and John Mayer

The premise to “Zombeavers” is a simple one. Three attractive co-eds go to a cabin by a lake to have some fun in the sun. You have the hot but nerdy one Mary (Melvin), The hot but rough around the edges one Zoe (Palm), and the hot but heartbroken one Jenn (Atkins). They get settled in, have some hilariously awkward conversations with the locals, and get into their little to no bikinis to do some swimming. Little do the gal pals know that just down the way a container of toxic waste has spilled all over a beaver dam, creating mutated zombeavers!!! Before they learn of the danger that is coming for them, their boyfriends (who were NOT invited) show up to spoil the girls’ bonding time and provide some excellent comic relief. After two of the couples do the nasty, and the other (ex)couple talk about why the boyfriend cheated and who with, things start to go awry.


The second half of the movie features the awesomely horrible looking creatures terrifying the group by busting through floor boards and windows. There is literally a laugh a minute and the reason “Zombeavers” is so successful where many Scyfy and Asylum films are not is that it is so self-aware. It pays homage to the great comedy/horror films that came before it, and it never for a second tries to be anything it is not. This is all thanks to both a clever script written by Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan, and driector Jordan Rubin, and a splendid cast of young actors who all deliver the goods.

I highly recommend “Zombeavers” for date night, or any night you just want to watch something fun, funny, bloody, and gloriously cheesy. I should also mention that Bill Burr (my favorite stand up comedian) and John Mayer have some gut-bustingly funny scenes in the beginning and end of the movie. I’m not gonna say any more. Just go watch it, don’t take it seriously, and enjoy.




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