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Posted January 29, 2015 by MikeD in featured

Under the Dark Wing – Daring story telling and beautiful cinematography make this a special short film

under the dark wing

Written by: Pedro Alvarado and Christopher Di Nunzio

Directed by: Christopher Di Nunzio

Starring: Jessy Rowe, David Graziano, Fiore Leo, and Keith Bennett

Johny Boy (Leo) is in big trouble with his furious boss George (Graziano) for screwing up on a hit. Oh the mark is dead alright, but he was killed by a young pregnant girl who not only saw Johnny Boy… She got away. George is hell bent on finding her though, and when he does he reveals his plan to use her apparent (and seemingly supernatural) power to help his business. Soon George realizes that he and his henchmen are the least dangerous people in this scenario, but it may be too late for all of them.

I love me a good short film, and “Under the Dark Wing” is exactly that. Beautifully shot in a way that makes the entire environment of the film dark and ominous. The story is told quickly but effectively. There is not a single frame wasted on anything that takes away from the eeriness that is driving the story. All of the elements blend perfectly. I also dig that Di Nunzio went with such a unique genre blend. You have organized crime, supernatural horror, and black and white noir all in fifteen minutes of film.

I do not say this often, but I would LOVE to see this short made into a feature length film. Hell, I would love to see a feature length film from Di Nunzio period! In the mean time I will savor what I just watched which is one of the better, more original short films I have ever seen.

Watch trailer here



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