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Posted August 22, 2014 by MikeD in featured

“The Upper Footage” – Found footage at it’s grittiest

upper footage

Money is the root of all evil, absolute power corrupts absolutely, nothing on the internet is real, and that’s why we can’t have nice things. “The Upper Footage” is a perfect example of how media affects our reality, now more than ever. The marketing and use of that media for the film’s purpose of blurring the lines of fiction and reality was incredibly well played. Just do a Google search on it, and I promise you will be spending at least a couple of hours reading multiple media outlet reports on the “Real life story” featured in the film.

More impressive than the marketing though are the acting performances. The entire cast does such an excellent job at portraying not only the snobby, jaded, selfish attitude of wealthy American youth but also portraying fear and irrationality in the face of imminent consequences. There are many moments in the film when I had to pause and remind myself that I was not actually witnessing the attempted cover up of a murder. The feelings evoked memories of the first time I watched “Mean Creek”. You keep hoping that one of the people involved does the right thing, but it never happens and you are left feeling like your soul has been ripped out through your gut.

This film is not perfect though. As is often the case with found footage films, much of the footage is too shaky, and left me with a bit of a headache. Also, while it adds to the realism of the movie, there were moments when I had to lower the volume on my head set due to the constant shouting of every swear word in the English language. Again though, it is necessary to create a real, tense, terrifying atmosphere, and it succeeds at that.

For fans of the found footage genre, this film is an absolute must see. For people, like myself, who grew tired of the genre a while ago, give it a chance. It is, like “Blair Witch Project” (which it has been endlessly compared to) a very unique entry. This is one found footage film I will not soon forget.

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