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Posted November 22, 2014 by MikeD in Drama

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears


Written and Directed by: Hélène Cattet, and Bruno Forzani

Starring: Klaus Tange, Ursula Bedena,and Joe Koener

Following the disappearance of his wife, a man finds himself on a dark and twisted trail of discovery through the labyrinthine halls of his apartment building. Led on a wild goose chase by cryptic messages from his mysterious neighbors, he becomes entangled in a hellish nightmare as he unlocks their strange fantasies of sensuality and bloodshed… That is the plot synopsis for the film as written on IMDB. And, that is about the total sum of the parts of the plot you can explain to another human being.

Hélène Cattet, and Bruno Forzani pick up right where they left off after their first film “Amer”, and in this one they amp up the abstract, psycho terror. And, I mean amp it way up. There are elements of Lynch and De Palma, but these guys have found their own niche of going so far art house that it is more like watching a series of abstract paintings than any kind of narrative movie. That is sure to frustrate a lot of viewers as there is little to no character development, little to no dialogue, and little to no making sense of most of what you are seeing.

Not that I am saying that all of that is bad. It’s not. The film is beautiful and alluring at the same time. It is art mixed with bloody horror. Incredible cinematography and a creepy score are the perfect compliments to the nightmarish acid trip that is the experience of watching “The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears”. I found it both hard to watch and mesmerizing.

There is not a lot more to say about Strange Color. I am still not sure what I just watched. A lot of people that see this film are going to hate it and cry “Self indulgent” and “Too artsy”. Others will say it is genius. I am somewhere in between, and it may take a second viewing for me to decide my true feelings.


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