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Posted August 6, 2014 by MikeD in featured

“The Sky Has Fallen”

the sky has fallen

Written and directed by: Doug Roos

Starring: Laurel Kemper and Carey MacLaren

I have a special spot reserved in my heart for low/no budget indie films. It just feels like they are the perfect examples of labor of love. “The Sky Has Fallen”, from writer/director Doug Roos is no exception.

The film offers up a refreshingly original take on the zombie genre. The story follows Lance (MacLaren) and Rachel (Kemper) as two survivors of a terrible disease that has wiped out close to all of humanity. After a chance meeting, Rachel joins Lance on his quest to find the leader of mysterious black-robed creatures that roam the woods and have caused the plague that has occurred. Lance believes he can, and must, kill the leader to put a stop to it once and for all.

This is a wonderful first time effort for Roos. The story and script are good, the acting decent (although not without a few flat moments), and the score is haunting and beautiful. Although some will take issue with it, I enjoyed the fact that the viewer is kind of thrown into the middle of things without the typical hold your hand and walk you through it set up. You are left with the challenge of piecing things together as you go. For me it worked very well, and although I found some of the dialogue a little simple it was good enough to carry the story effectively.

I can see Mr. Roos turning in many more quality indies in the future. My only issue with his style here is that in some scenes the shots jump around too often and too quickly. It is a small hiccup though in what was overall a great first venture into a feature length film.

“The Sky Has Fallen” is not perfect by any means. The action sequences are a bit slow, and there is the aforementioned dizzying camera jumps. All in all though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially when considering the fact that there was almost no budget to work with. Which brings me to another highlight, which was the makeup and creature effects. I mean wow! Between the zombie-like ex-human creatures and the creepy things under the robes I was blown away. The movie as a whole exceeded my expectations and entertained me from beginning to end. What more can you ask for from a low budget film?

Special note – This movie is currently on Kickstarter as the creators are trying to raise funds for festival entries and screener production (which is how we were able to do this review). We strongly believe in crowd funding as a powerful tool in helping ultra low budget films like this come to life. If you have an extra couple bucks laying around and feel like contributing, there is good karma in it for you. We have donated to this any a few other projects and plan on helping many more in the future. Here is the link to “The Sky Has Fallen” – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dougroos/the-sky-has-fallen-horror-movie-feature-film?ref=nav_search

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