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Posted July 25, 2015 by MikeD in Drama

The Odyssey of Destiny


Written and directed by: Brent Hoover

Starring: Zach Pappas, Katelyn Farrugia, Rob Springer, Don Hartman, Quinten Johnson, Elena Lazorishak, and Don A. King

Most films, that aren’t based on a source material like a novel or comic book, start with an idea that becomes a story. That story gains life from the writer creating dialogue, the art and sound design, the casting of actors to play the story’s characters, and the score. With “The Odyssey of Destiny”, writer/director Brent Hoover had a BIG idea. The story that sprang from that idea was an ambitious (almost daunting) one to make into an indie film. Twists and turns, alternate dimensions, action, romance, Hoover’s idea had it all and despite it being a difficult task to successfully turn it into a feature length film he did just that.

The film’s IMDB page’s plot synopsis reads as follows: The world is cloaked in winter. Christian Adkins (Pappas) is a Renegade soldier longing for peace and the son of the famed Liberator. Jen (Farrugia) is an orphaned nurse desperately trying to save children. When the two soul mates are trapped together at the end of World War III, their lives are forever entwined.

That gives you a general idea of what goes on in the movie, but there is much, much more. The plot is a complicated one full of curve balls for the viewer. The story, setting, and design all give an epic feel to the film that is hindered, only slightly, by the fact that for some the plot jumps may be confusing. Even if you take away all of the fringe elements of the plot, the key figures are complicated. Christian and his family have a history full of war and secrets, and it is up to Christian to find out what those are and decide for himself what path to take. However, that was my favorite part of Hoover’s story and really kept me engaged through the whole film.

the od of dest 1

Although not perfect, “The Odyssey of Destiny” is certainly a very good indie flick. Simultaneously entertaining and challenging, Hoover has created a imaginative, engaging, and well produced film. His cast provided him with a good ensemble performance in which they all seem to really get into their roles. Hoover and crew deserve a hand all around! The trailer and link to buy the movie on Amazon are below.




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