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Posted September 10, 2015 by MikeD in Comedy

The Little Death – A look at the funny side of fetishism


Written and directed by: Josh Lawson

Starring: Bojana Novakovic, Damon Herriman, Josh Lawson, Erin James, T.J. Power, and Kate Box

In a year that saw “50 Shades of Grey” bring an eye roll inducing, “Twilight” influenced brand of kink into theaters, Josh Lawson was making his own movie about the fetishes and sexual quirks that most people have but are to embarrassed to talk about (often times even with their partner). Instead of focusing on a spoiled misogynist and his part in the sexual “Awakening” of a woman, Lawson instead goes the warmhearted, funny route.

In “The Little Death”, an English translation of the French “La petite mort” (which is their way of saying orgasm), we watch as four couples and a couple in the making discover and explore their personal fetishes. Situations involving everything from sadomasochism to dacryphilia (getting aroused from watching someone cry). Each couple has a different experience involving a different fetish, but in each case the results are hilarious.

little death 2

In every scene, the actors perfectly embody their characters. It was really impressive to watch actually. I don’t remember the last time I saw a comedy with an ensemble cast that were all so perfect in their roles. Even Lawson, who was a busy guy writing, directing, and acting, gave me one oft he hardest laughs of the film in a scene in which he attempts to fulfill his girlfriend’s (Novakovich) rape fantasy. He also armed his talented cast with a witty, incredibly original screenplay.

But wait… It gets better!

little death

After I had already decided that I liked the movie and was ready to sit back and enjoy what I was sure would be a fun ending, Lawson surprised me again! He waits until the end to focus in on the best character (and best scene) of the film. Monica (an amazing performance by Erin James) is a video relay operator. On her late shift, she gets a call from Sam (Power). The number he asks her to call for him is a sex hot line, which at first she is extremely uncomfortable with. After ten minutes, you have watched the most touching, profound scene of what was an excellent film. I was left in awe.



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