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Posted February 4, 2016 by MikeD in featured

The “Heaven Adores You” soundtrack hits all the right notes


If you know me, you know that the music of Elliott Smith has had a profound impact on my life. I went through a lot of dark, painful times in my youth, and Elliott’s music always had a magic way of soothing my soul and making me smile. I had the pleasure of seeing “Heaven Adores You” last year, at the Portland Film Festival and later reviewing it for this site. It was everything I hoped it would be. It was the movie that Elliott’s career and life deserved. It was perfect.

I am not going to do a track by track rundown of the soundtrack. I am just going to say that it is equally perfect in that it blends instrumental tracks with previously unreleased alternate versions of some well known songs, spanning the entirety of Smith’s career. It also has a couple of wonderful live performances, my favorite of which is “Say Yes” (already one of my three or four favorite Elliott songs), performed at Yoyo a Go Go in 1997. Listening to that performance transported me back to the one time I got to see him live, and how hearing his music in person simultaneously broke my heart and gave me goosebumps of happiness.

For any fans of his music (or just beautiful, poetic music in general) the soundtrack and movie are both must haves. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Elliott Smith, this is the perfect place to start. Then go find and purchase all of the rest of his wonderful music. You won’t regret it.



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