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Posted May 19, 2015 by MikeD in Comedy

The Final Obsession


Written and directed by: Adam Theroux

Starring: Wensday Greenbaum and Dan White

Rebecca Hughes (Greenbaum) is a “Made for  television” actress who has the perfect life. Career-wise, romantically, ect. it is all good. That all begins changing though, when she receives a strange phone call late at night. The caller says nothing. Just heavy breathing, but it rattles Rebecca and she can’t shake the awful feeling someone is out to get her.

Things go from bad to worse, when she discovers that her man is cheating on her, with a mutual friend. Not only that, but she gets another phone call and this time realizes that she is dealing with an obsessed fan. Suddenly it seems that Rebecca’s perfect life is completely unraveling… and that is just the start.


“The Final Obsession” is a clever, fun, genre-hybrid. Writer/director Adam Theroux shows a good ability to blend and balance comedy, drama, and suspense. His star, Wensday Greenbaum, is terrific in this role breathing life into Rebecca’s character and seeming to really enjoy the part. All in all it is a fun short that is well worth the 20 minute run time.




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