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Posted February 18, 2015 by MikeD in Drama

The Ever After – Looking at love, marriage, and parenthood through an incredibly dark lense


Written by: Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer

Directed by: Mark Webber

Starring: Mark Webber, Teresa Palmer, Melissa Leo, and Rosario Dawson

Thomas (Webber) and Ava (Palmer) are a married couple who have arrived at a disconnect. Thomas has a demanding career as a fashion photographer. He frequently travels around the country, which leaves Ava to raise their daughter, and spend the rest of her time in dangerous solitude. They have stopped communicating with each other and the less they talk the more they go to isolated, dark places inside themselves.

This is an interesting film to ponder. Webber and Palmer are also married in real life and have a young child. Even in “The Ever After”, Palmer’s character Ava talks about how she was in “Warm Bodies”. Because of this there is an intriguing “Blurred lines of reality” aspect that makes the bleak, often times violent story that unfolds feel even more taboo. It feels like the two of them had a conversation about making a film together that would be the most emotionally challenging project they could come up with. Then they made that film.

Challenging doesn’t even begin to sum up the depth of the roles Webber and Palmer each play. Both of them show a huge amount of range and a willingness to go places many actors wouldn’t. For that, I applaud them. They made a film that looks at love, marriage, and parenthood through an incredibly dark lens. It is the sheer emotion of the film that has me impressed, and would obligate me to bring this movie up when I am recommending movies to people (like me) who I know like their entertainment challenging and thought provoking. This film is certainly those things and more.



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