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Posted February 15, 2015 by MikeD in Comedy

The Dramatics: A Comedy – A new entry amongst my favorite romantic (dark) comedies


Written by: Scott Rodgers and Kat Foster

Directed by: Scott Rodgers

Starring: Scott Rodgers, Kat Foster, Pablo Schreiber, Riki Lindhome, Timm Sharp, Rosemarie DeWitt, and Sean Astin

Katie (Foster) is a struggling actress who lands a big part in A “50 Shades of Grey”ish erotic mini-series. It is exactly the break she needs, but her boyfriend Paul (Rodgers) is not exactly excited. There are two reasons for his dismay. 1) He is also looking for a job (with no luck) and as partners often do Katie is constantly requesting that he provide for her. 2) Katie’s new role requires her to be naked quite often, and engage in steamy sex scenes with co-star and narcissistic Oscar winner Bryan Macy (Schreiber in a hilarious role). Katie ends up stuck between trying to make her relationship work, and committing to her role.

Typically romantic comedies are NOT my thing. There is the rare exception (“500 Days of Summer” I’m looking at you) but I tend to stay away. What drew me to this one was the cast which features a bunch of performers that I consider underrated and quite talented. With modest expectations, I watched and after the first five minutes I knew I was going to enjoy this movie. The story and writing are clever, and have a perfect balance of dark humor and the old “Boyfriend and girlfriend act selfishly and have to learn lessons to make things work” angle. The entire cast are wonderful and there are some fun cameos like Rosemarie DeWitt as Katie’s therapist, and Sean Astin as a snobby actor (as well as Katie’s ex). Both Rodgers and Foster turn in strong performances and have great on screen chemistry.

I was really impressed with “The Dramatics”. I look forward to seeing what the Rodgers/Foster duo do next. Oh… I should also mention (since I don’t watch many movies I can say this about) that this is a perfect date movie. Plenty of laughs, a tender heart, and a good moral compass. What more could you want?






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