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31 Days Of Horror: “It Stains the Sands Red”

You gotta give credit, where credit is due. Colin Minihan and Stuart Ortiz (AKA The Vicious Brothers) accomplished something that is very difficult to pull off. They made a zombie movie that stands out, among the thousands that...

Review: “The Girl With All the Gifts” Is a Fresh, New take on the Zombie Sub-genre

  It is far from easy, to create a zombie movie that feels original these days. The genre has been done to death, and more often than not the results are ho-hum at best. In director Colm McCarthy’s “The Girl Wi...

31 Days of Horror: “Train to Busan”

  Leave it Korea, to breathe new life into the worn out zombie genre. Writer/director Sang-ho Yeon‘s first live action film blends elements of the fast and furious zombies in Danny Boyle’s “28 Days Later&...


Review: “What We Become”

There is not typically a lot of excitement, in small, suburban neighborhoods. With quiet streets, and friendly people, the average summer day usually consists of community picnics, going to the river, and, if you are a teenage ...

The Hive – An original and stylish take on the contagion film

Written by: Will Honley and David Yarovesky Directed by: David Yarovesky Starring: Gabriel Basso, Kathryn Prescott, Gabrielle Walsh, and Jacob Zachar Zombies… They are to the 2010s what vampires were to the 2000s. Every t...