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“The Bad Batch” Will Amaze Some And Frustrate Others

With the release of her second film, “The Bad Batch”, Ana Lily Amirpour has certainly carved out a niche for herself as a writer/director. Her films are beautifully shot, heavily symbolic, and incredibly ambiguous w...

Review: “In A Valley of Violence” is ‘John Wick’ In the Old West

One thing every movie villain should know by now is never kill the dog of a man you don’t quite understand. Unfortunately for the villains in “In A Valley of Violence” they don’t have electricity so lear...

Review: “Hell Or High Water” Is Easily Looked Over, but Shouldn’t Be

Much of the movie-going audience, if not all, decide whether or not they will see a movie based on the trailer. There are definitely movies that can’t, or don’t, show a whole lot when they release said trailer yet o...


Throwback Thursday Review: “Bad Girls” (1994)

Westerns were all the rage, for a while, in the 90s. They came in all shapes and sizes. There were the good (“Tombstone”, “Unforgiven”) the bad (“Wild, Wild West”, “Posse”) and th...

Review: “Bone Tomahawk” Is Brutal and Entertaining

‘Bone Tomahawk” opens up with Purvis (David Arquette) cutting a man’s throat open as he and his friend Buddy (Sid Haig) have overrun a group of guys who they are now robbing of more than just their belongings....

Review: “The Hateful Eight” Is Far From Tarantino’s Best, but Still Enjoyable

Whenever you start a Quentin Tarantino movie you know you’re going to get a few things every time: colorful characters, entertaining dialogue, over the top violence, and a few twists you didn’t see coming. ‘Th...


Review: “Jane Got A Gun” Is A Ho-Hum Affair

Jane Hammond (Portman) marries outlaw Bill “Ham” Hammond when she believes that her fiance Dan Frost (Edgerton) has died. The Gang that Bill is a part of, The Bishop Boys, and their leader Colin McCann (McGregor), d...

“The Ridiculous 6” is painful to watch

Written by: Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler Directed by: Frank Coraci Starring: Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Jorge Garcia, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Will Forte, and Steve Zahn And the list goes on and on… The...

Echoes of War

Written by: John Chriss and Kane Senes Directed by: Kane Senes Starring: James Badge Dale, Ethan Embry, William Forsythe, Maika Monroe, Rhys Wakefield, Ryan O’Nan, and Owen Teague I never thought I would say this, but tod...


Slow West – A wonderful, Western parable

Written and directed by: John Maclean Starring: Michael Fassbender, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Caren Pistorius, Ben Mendelsohn, and Rory McCann John Maclean (The Beta Band) wrote one of my favorite songs of all time. The song was entitl...