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‘The Evil Within’ Is the Best/Worst Horror Movie Ever Made

The story behind ‘The Evil Within’ and how it got made is definitely more interesting than the film itself. A passion project for its writer and director, Andrew Getty, that took fifteen years to make, cost somewher...

‘The Belko Experiment’ Feels Familiar Yet Original At the Same Time

We have seen the movie where a group of people are forced to conspire against and kill one another in order for their own survival.  The movie that tops that list, for me, would be “Battle Royale” whereas the most p...

“68 Kill” Is A Woman-Fueled Bloodbath

“A woman calling the shots. I like it. If you ask me, there should be a few more of us in the world” – Liza   Women, murder, sex, guns, and comedy. Five words that perfectly sum up Trent Haaga’s new...