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“Lake Bodom” Tackles A True-Crime Story With A Gruesome Tale Of Its Own

p Campground slashers are one of the more common horror sub-genre films. They have been done every way imaginable, and continue to produce mixed results for horror fans. For every Sleepaway camp there are a dozen Blair Witch Pr...

31 Days of Horror: “Where Is Robert Fisher? (2011)” Is Scarier Than Fiction

We’ve all heard a lot of horror stories, seen scary movies, and had our imagination make certain scenarios much more terrifying than they actually were. It’s the stories that are true though that are the most horrif...

Netflix Recommendation: “The Monster of Mangatiti” is a shocking true crime docu-drama

Directed by: John Banas Starring: Greta Gregory, Mark Mitchinson, and Flynn Allan True crime documentaries have seen a massive rise in popularity lately, due in large part to the success of Netflix original “Making a Murd...