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Netflix Recommendation: “The Fear of 13” Is An Incredible Documentary

We have seen time-and-time again documentaries that center on someone who is in prison, or on death row, telling their story of innocence and giving you compelling facts to back up their story. This last December was the most r...

Netflix Recommendation: “Hush” Is Must-See Psychological Horror

In 2013, Mike Flanagan gave us the unsettling and well-crafted horror film, “Oculus“. Now in 2016, he returns to the genre with “Hush”: a film about a writer, Maddie (Siegel), that lost her ability to he...

Review: “Dealin’ With Idiots” Feels Like An Incomplete Comedy

Most kids grew up playing some kind of organized sport. For me, my father had me play everything (no doubt trying to find any kind of talent I may have had that wasn’t actually there). Even as a kid, there were adults I j...


Review: “Curve” Is Horrendous Yet You Can’t Stop Watching

My fiancee is obsessed with horror films. She’s pretty much seen all there is to see yet still demands we find something new for her to watch. Begin the endless Netflix scroll looking for anything in the horror department...

Review: “Spotlight” Is A True Story That Keeps You Engaged

‘Spotlight” is the true story of how the Boston Globe and their spotlight investigative team uncovered many counts of molestation, and the subsequent cover-up, within the Catholic Church. For years they had been toy...

Review: “The Big Short” Is A Comedy That Also Packs A Dramatic Punch

In the mid-2000’s, the credit and housing bubbles were getting ready to pop (something that had never happened in American history), and only a small group of people saw it a few short years before it happened. Being laug...


Review: ‘The Wolfpack’ Is A Documentary That Felt More Like An Indie Film

Six brothers recreating Reservoir Dogs word-for-word in an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. That’s how we are introduced to the Angulo brothers and their way of life. With nine people living in one apartment...

Review: ‘The Blood Lands’ Fails To Tell Us Anything Interesting

There are horror films that are considered terrible because the acting is bad, or the script is weak, or the production value is limited, but ‘The Blood Lands’ is terrible for all of these reasons. While most horror...


‘Omnivores’ is one of the few Cannibal-centric films that doesn’t go for the gross-out factor but instead aims at creating an unsettling world in which its damaged characters can run around in. The opening sce...


10 things to watch on Netflix: Second edition

A while back, my brother David and I compiled a list of twenty things (ten from each of us) that we thought were not only really good, but were being somewhat overlooked on Netflix. Well, I felt like it was again time to write ...