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Netflix Recommendation: “The Similars” Is A Bizarre and Hilarious Journey

Pretty much every day at least a few people post on Facebook that they need recommendations on something to watch. They’ve seen all the big Hollywood releases they wanted to, they’ve watched the classics for the hun...

Review: “Patriots Day” Feels Like A Bland Report On What Happened In Boston

April 15, 2013. A horrific day in our Nation’s history that doesn’t feel removed enough to make a film about, but here one is, going through the events of the Boston bombings and giving us brief glimpses into the li...

Review: “Silence” Isn’t Your Typical Scorsese Film And That’s Okay

  Martin Scorsese has made some of the greatest films in American History: Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Gangs of New York, Casino, Goodfellas, and many more. A common theme through a lot of his films are tough guys that get ...


Review: Netflix Original “iBoy” Is A Fun Sci-Fi Flick

I love me some Netflix Originals. Even if some end up being not good, I always enjoy the excitement of feeling that what I’m about to watch is somehow untainted. As if Netflix made a movie just for me; a film so secretive...

Review: “La La Land” Brings the Musical Back To the Big Screen

I’m going to be honest with you right up front: I wanted to find something about this movie I didn’t like. It’s not that I have anything against Ryan Gosling or Emma Stone, I have no ill will towards writer/di...

Review: “The Deja Vuers” Is A Quirky, Fun Short Film

In this comedic short film, a man named Chuck (Kris Salvi) sees a woman (Christie Devine) in a park that he had a dream about before he even knew who she was. In his dream, she was sitting on a park bench, enjoying a fruit cock...


Review: “Leftovers” Hits Hard In Its 12 Minutes

Let’s get one thing straight right now: I love short films. I love short films, short stories, short songs; anything that can encapsulate strong feelings and emotion in such tight parameters. It’s interesting to me ...

Review: Netflix Original “Coin Heist” Forgets To Deliver Any Kind Of Message

When I was a kid, movies that were aiming for my demographic usually had a message they wanted to get across: nothing is more important than family, sometimes being yourself is the most powerful weapon, your imagination can cre...

Review: “Let’s Be Evil” Wants To Be More Than It is

Obesity, laziness, consumerism, and lack of education. According to “Let’s Be Evil”, these are things that the youth of America are facing these days and the film spends ten minutes talking about that and then...


Review: “Nocturnal Animals” Is A Brutal and Captivating Film

“Nocturnal Animals” boasts dueling storylines that both could have served as their own film but come together to tell one large-scoped story that proves sometimes life imitates art and art can sometimes hit too clos...