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Netflix Recommendation: “Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe”

Of the many things that make Portland one of the most unique cities in the U.S., one is certainly the amount of adult entertainment. The strip club scene in Portland is an undeniable calling card, in a city full of them. There ...

“War Machine” Proves To Be A Ho-Hum Affair

We’ve all seen that person that tries everything to fit into a social setting they’re not naturally inclined to be a part of. Whether it’s trying to be too angry, too happy, too funny, or too crazy, I know I&#...

“Small Crimes” Feels Like A Big Movie Crammed Into A Short Script

With everything Macon Blair has his hands in, I’m always curious how they’re going to turn such a simplistic script into a full-length feature film. Punk band takes on Nazis in “Green Room”, guy looks fo...


“Uncle Howard” Is A Heartbreaking and Courageous Documentary

Howard Brookner was one of the most talented directors and interesting people that you have never heard of. A film director whose student film in college was a documentary on William Burroughs in which he followed the prolific ...

NSFW: “Skins” Is A Controversial Comedy With A Big Heart

A man sits in an all pink room, speaking to a nurse on a pink telephone. Tears stream down his face as he’s inquiring about his wife and if she’s given birth to their son yet. As he hangs up the phone, he knows he w...

Netflix Recommendation: “Backcountry” Is A Terrifying Man Vs. Nature Thriller

I once wrote a college paper, for my analysis of film class, on how “Jaws” was the scariest movie of all time. Not because of the usual horror elements like horrific gore, or a masked killer stalking a bunch of terr...


Review: “Win It All” Doesn’t Have Anything To Say We Haven’t Already Heard

There are good movies, bad movies, and then the kind of movies that fall somewhere in the middle. This weird space for viewers where you’re left feeling indifferent. Those kind of movies are the hardest to review because ...

Review: Netflix’s “The Discovery” Takes On the Afterlife

One of the biggest fears that is inherent in pretty much everyone is what happens to us after we die. No matter how bad this physical life we are currently living in gets, anything is better than the unknown. There have been mu...

Review: Netflix Original “iBoy” Is A Fun Sci-Fi Flick

I love me some Netflix Originals. Even if some end up being not good, I always enjoy the excitement of feeling that what I’m about to watch is somehow untainted. As if Netflix made a movie just for me; a film so secretive...


Netflix Recommendation: “Teenage Cocktail” Is Both a Sweet Love Story, and a Warning For the Internet Generation

  What starts out as a sweet, high school love story ends up taking some dark, violent turns in director John Carchietta‘s “Teenage Cocktail”. Masterfully avoiding stereotypes and blending genres, Carchie...