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31 Days Of Horror: Netflix Original “The Babysitter”

Cole (Judah Lewis) isn’t exactly enjoying his formative years. He is picked on constantly at school, and his parents still hire a babysitter to watch him… how could things get any worse. That is except for the fact ...

“Naked” Is Another Horrible Comedy From Netflix

Can Netflix please stop making bad comedies? One after another, I see the unfunny likes of Adam Sandler and Kevin James on the featured spot, and it’s beginning to drive me insane. I am left scratching my head, wondering ...

Netflix Recommendation: “Message From the King”

Director Fabrice du Welz has been on my list of intriguing filmmakers, since back in 2005 when I saw his disturbing, backwoods thriller “Calvaire”. I always respect any director who doesn’t pull any punches, w...


Review: Netflix’s “The Discovery” Takes On the Afterlife

One of the biggest fears that is inherent in pretty much everyone is what happens to us after we die. No matter how bad this physical life we are currently living in gets, anything is better than the unknown. There have been mu...

Review: Netflix Original “Coin Heist” Forgets To Deliver Any Kind Of Message

When I was a kid, movies that were aiming for my demographic usually had a message they wanted to get across: nothing is more important than family, sometimes being yourself is the most powerful weapon, your imagination can cre...