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31 Days Of Horror: Netflix Original “1922”

Alright, boys and girls, I have watched another horror movie for you to check out and it’s yet another Stephen King adaptation (we seem to be having a lot of those lately). The film is “1922”; a horror film se...

‘The Evil Within’ Is the Best/Worst Horror Movie Ever Made

The story behind ‘The Evil Within’ and how it got made is definitely more interesting than the film itself. A passion project for its writer and director, Andrew Getty, that took fifteen years to make, cost somewher...

‘Prevenge’ Is All About Postpartum Depression and Murder

Ruth is seven months pregnant, and has spent seven months being a widow. Her husband died in a rock climbing accident, but Ruth and her unborn daughter — who is telling her what to do from the womb — don’t bel...


“Casting JonBenet” Scratches the Surface Of Being Interesting

The JonBenet Ramsey murder case is one of the most terrifying in the fact that the victim was a six year old girl and the case, twenty-one years later, remains unsolved. If you’ve even heard a bit about the case (which ev...

31 Days of Horror: “Where Is Robert Fisher? (2011)” Is Scarier Than Fiction

We’ve all heard a lot of horror stories, seen scary movies, and had our imagination make certain scenarios much more terrifying than they actually were. It’s the stories that are true though that are the most horrif...