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“Small Crimes” Feels Like A Big Movie Crammed Into A Short Script

With everything Macon Blair has his hands in, I’m always curious how they’re going to turn such a simplistic script into a full-length feature film. Punk band takes on Nazis in “Green Room”, guy looks fo...

Netflix Recommendation: “I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore”

A real life experience inspired writer/director/actor Macon Blair’s newest film. When someone broke into his New York apartment and took items that belonged to him and his wife, Blair found out the process to catch the pe...

Blue Ruin – “The man with the gun tells the truth”

“Blue Ruin” ,from writer/ director Jeremy Saulnier, first popped up on my radar when I read about it on a list of indie films to watch for in 2014. The story didn’t sound incredibly original. A man returns hom...