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“Killing Ground” Is An Intense, Slow-Burn Thriller

Australia is widely considered to be one of the more dangerous places on earth. A wide variety of snakes, spiders, and other deadly predators make the country’s less populated areas a bit terrifying, even to the most avid...

31 Days of Horror: “The Greasy Strangler”

  Once in a great while, there comes a movie that has only one goal, in it’s morbid mind; to offend all of your senses and do it in an entertaining fashion. Writer/director Jim Hosking and co-writer Toby Harvard cert...

Review: “Plank Face”

The folks at Bandit Motion Pictures are doing something very important. Folks like Scott Schirmer and Brian Williams, who are having a banner year in 2016 with the release of both “Harvest Lake” (Review here) and no...