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Review: ‘The Green Inferno’ Tries To Shock You, But Ultimately Bores

Ah, and we’re back with another film from Eli Roth. Another movie that he claimed has a lot more meaning than what we’re actually given. Another group of characters who do not garner any sympathy from the viewers be...

Review: ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ Fails To Evoke Much Emotion

‘A Christmas Horror Story’ is three different short films brought to life by three directors and a team of five screenwriters. The end product feels very much disjointed as instead of showing these three films in th...

Review: “Knock Knock” Terrorizes the Audience More Than It’s Main Character

Evan Webber is a family man to the max. He has a beautiful wife, two perfect children, enough money in the bank to live comfortably, and a large house that his architect wife created. When his family goes to the beach for the w...


Review: ‘The Blood Lands’ Fails To Tell Us Anything Interesting

There are horror films that are considered terrible because the acting is bad, or the script is weak, or the production value is limited, but ‘The Blood Lands’ is terrible for all of these reasons. While most horror...

Review: ‘Hidden’ Is A Claustrophobic Thriller

When a virus breaks out in Kingsville, North Carolina, one family must take refuge in a fallout shelter against those they refer to as “The Breathers”. When every waking moment is a struggle to survive, the quality ...

Review: ‘Eaters’ Is So Bad It Becomes Hilarious

While five friends are on a road trip, one of them goes missing at a rest stop area and the remaining members of the group think a violent biker gang that was in the area are to blame. Confronting them may be scary, but the gan...



‘Omnivores’ is one of the few Cannibal-centric films that doesn’t go for the gross-out factor but instead aims at creating an unsettling world in which its damaged characters can run around in. The opening sce...

Review: ‘Last Shift’ Delivers Creepy Imagery but Can’t Stay Away From Genre Cliches

Officer Jessica Loren (Harkavy) is a rookie cop whose first task is to look over a police station on its last night as its transitioning to a new building. What she thinks will just be an uneventful evening of walking the empty...

Review: We Both Watched ‘Goodnight Mommy’: Here’s How We Felt

This review is going to be a little different than everything else we have posted on this site before. ‘Goodnight Mommy’ was released to great reviews and critical acclaim so we were both really excited to not only ...


Review: ‘Cooties’ Is Quirky, Violent, and Funny

A zombie horror-comedy movie, ‘Cooties’ looks to take a subject that’s saturating the market right now and try to give it a fresh spin. Growing up, we all would choose at least one person a day to tell everyon...