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Netflix Recommendation: “Hush” Is Must-See Psychological Horror

In 2013, Mike Flanagan gave us the unsettling and well-crafted horror film, “Oculus“. Now in 2016, he returns to the genre with “Hush”: a film about a writer, Maddie (Siegel), that lost her ability to he...

Review: “Pandemic” Brings A Video Game Experience To the Big Screen

Whether you like it or not, found footage is not going away. Once it was introduced, Hollywood found they can make movies at half the price while still bringing in big dollars at the box office. Fortunately for us, there are mo...

Review: “The Boy” Loses Its Way; Delivers A Disappointing Product

Alright. I had reached my limit when it comes to horror movies based off a demon possessed doll long before I watched this film, but figured I’d give it a chance anyway because what do I really have to lose? “The Bo...


Review: “Carnage Park” Is A Stylized Horror Film That Plays By Its Own Rules

Our story begins in California, 1978, three years after the Vietnam war. The first words we hear are from the mouth of Wyatt Moss (Pat Healy); a veteran sniper that feels he’s been forgotten by the country that he was onc...

Review: “Curve” Is Horrendous Yet You Can’t Stop Watching

My fiancee is obsessed with horror films. She’s pretty much seen all there is to see yet still demands we find something new for her to watch. Begin the endless Netflix scroll looking for anything in the horror department...

Review: “The Forest”: Or Watch Natalie Dormer Ask A Hundred Questions

Oh, where to start with this horror movie that plays out more like a comedy than anything else? I guess we’ll begin with the synopsis. Sarah price has an identical twin sister, Jess (both played by Natalie Dormer). When t...


Review: “Intruders” Is A Blueprint Of How To Create A Story Grounded In Reality While Still Being Sensational

Anna (Riesgraf) suffers from agoraphobia and has just recently lost her brother; her last remaining family member and the one that took care of her all her life. When her fear of the outside becomes so crippling she can’t...

Review: “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” Is the Death Rattle of This Franchise

The Fleeges family is haunted by a demon that’s trying to take their young daughter from them. Equipped with a “Ghost seeing” camera, they will attempt to catch it and drive it from their home. With the help o...

Review: “Sinister 2” Does Nothing To Build Off Its Predecessor

For me, the first ‘Sinister’ was a pleasant surprise because I stumbled upon it during one of those long nights of Netflix searching. I wanted a horror movie that would add something new to the genre, or at least of...


Review: ‘Crimson Peak’ Uses the Horror Genre To Tell A Captivating Story

Guillermo del Toro is one of the best at creating worlds, delivering characters with a lot of depth, and using cinematography and scenery to create the tension for his films. His version of the horror genre relies on his charac...