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Review: “Microbe and Gasoline” Marks the Return of Gondry’s Whimsical Brand of Genius

  When I think of Michel Gondry, my mind usually goes straight to his incredibly imaginative elements of fantasy, in works such as “Science of Sleep” and “Mood Indigo”. The French filmmaker is a mas...

Netflix Recommendation: “Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story)” Is An Anti-cautionary Tale About Teen Sex

Teenage sexuality is not a new topic, in the world of movies. It has been portrayed harshly in films like “Kids” and “It Felt Like Love”, and humorously in “American Pie” and other films of t...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Inside” (2007)

There were a slew of good to great, French, horror films, in the first decade of this century. Films like “Martyrs”, “Haute Tension”, and “Trouble Every Day” all melted my brains, the first t...


Love – Gaspar Noé pushes the boundaries of sex in cinema

Written and directed by: Gaspar Noé Starring: Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock, and Klara Kristin There are two directors my mind immediately thinks of when it comes to films that are incredibly well made, breathtaking to look at, but...

Mood Indigo – Possibly the most whimsically beautiful film I’ve ever seen

Written by: Michel Gondry and Luc Bossi (Screenplay) and Boris Vian (Novel) Directed by: Michel Gondry Starring: Romain Duris, Audrey Tautou, Gad Elmaleh, and Omar Sy Michel Gondry has always made films that are imaginative, dr...