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Throwback Thursday Review: “Krull” (1983)

I have a shameful confession to make. Before today, I had never seen Krull. For someone who grew up obsessed with all things fantasy and sci-fi, it hurts to admit that I never watched one of the more widely celebrated films to ...

Throwback Thursday: “The Indian In the Cupboard” (1995)

There are movies that, no matter how strong of an argument you have, I will never admit are actually terrible. Why? Because I watched them as an impressionable kid and they hold a special place in my heart. When I saw a list th...

Throwback Thursday Review of “Time Bandits”

        Written by: Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam Directed by: Terry Gilliam Starring: Craig Warnock, John Cleese, Sean Connery, David Warner, Ian Holm, David Rappaport, Kenny Baker, Malcolm Dixon, Mike Ed...