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“Super Dark Times” Does Everything but Stick the Landing

Zach and Josh have been friends their whole life. They watch scrambled porn together while picking out who they’d sleep with in their year books, they practically live at each other’s houses, and they both have a cr...

“Body” Is A Thriller That’s Worth It’s Weight In Corpses

If you are a fan of indie film, you’ve probably noticed that most of your favorite films come from a small handful of production studios. A24 has been dominating the indie scene for the last few years, with an abundance o...

“Free Fire” Is A Creative Shoot-Em-Up Style Comedy

Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, Kill List, Sightseers) is no stranger to creating quirky characters that are dropped into extraordinary situations. With his most recent film, “Free Fire”, it’s more of the same from t...


“Hounds of Love” Is An Uncomfortable Watch, But An Unforgettable Film

Most films that start out with an attractive, young woman being abducted focus largely on one thing… pushing the boundaries of violence and gore. While the premise itself is terrifying, in large part because it happens so...

“Small Crimes” Feels Like A Big Movie Crammed Into A Short Script

With everything Macon Blair has his hands in, I’m always curious how they’re going to turn such a simplistic script into a full-length feature film. Punk band takes on Nazis in “Green Room”, guy looks fo...

Review: ‘Black Mass’ Doesn’t Focus on Whitey Bulger That Much

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. This has been a saying since long before I was born and it still rings true today. Another way to say it would be, “Don’t judge a movie based on its trailer”...


A Life Not to Follow – Christopher Di Nunzio’s crime family neo-noir

Written by: Christopher Di Nunzio and Pedro Alvarado Directed by: Christopher Di Nunzio Starring: Michael Capozzi, Fiore Leo, David Graziano, John Martellucci, Erica Derrickson, Molly Kay, and William Bloomfield Christopher Di ...

Black Mass trailer – Finally! Johnny Depp in something that looks amazing!

It has been quite a while since I could say this, but the trailer to Johnny Depp’s new movie looks incredible! This will certainly be high on my list of films to catch in the theater this year. Check it out below.

Hyena – About as gritty as gritty crime thrillers get

Written and directed by: Gerard Johnson Starring: Peter Ferdinando, Stephen Graham, Elisa Lasowski, Orli Shuka, and Richard Dormer Michael Logan (Ferdinando) has it all. He is a highly decorated cop, he has his hands in the loc...


Filth – “Same Rules Apply”

Well,… I just finished watching “Filth”, and I am still a little speechless. For whatever reason, I am a person who is especially effected by movies. It’s why I love them so much. I have some strange abi...