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“Gifted” Is A Touching, Heartfelt Drama

Back in 2009, Marc Webb directed one of the better relationship dramedies of the 21st century in “500 Days of Summer”. Since then, he has done a few music videos, some tv (including one of my favorite episodes of &#...

Netflix Recommendation: “Girl Asleep” Is A Piece Of Delightful Cinema

  Growing up is never easy. Raging hormones, a changing body, and entering high school at the low end of the totem pole are issues every teen deals with, and they have provided the central story for a number of good movies...

Review: “Microbe and Gasoline” Marks the Return of Gondry’s Whimsical Brand of Genius

  When I think of Michel Gondry, my mind usually goes straight to his incredibly imaginative elements of fantasy, in works such as “Science of Sleep” and “Mood Indigo”. The French filmmaker is a mas...


Netflix Recommendation: “King Jack”

The “Coming of age” genre is no stranger, to the landscape of independent film. Many a movie have told the tale of adolescent kids, learning life’s hard lessons, and shown those kids grow into young adults in ...

Misunderstood – A poignant, yet brutal, coming of age tale

Written by: Barbara Alberti and Asia Argento Directed by: Asia Argento Starring: Giulia Salerno, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Gabriel Garko, Carolina Poccioni, and Anna Lou Castoldi Asia Argento is widely known, in the film world, as ...