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Throwback Thursday Review of “Time Bandits”

        Written by: Michael Palin and Terry Gilliam Directed by: Terry Gilliam Starring: Craig Warnock, John Cleese, Sean Connery, David Warner, Ian Holm, David Rappaport, Kenny Baker, Malcolm Dixon, Mike Ed...

“Mermaid” is a dreamlike quirk-fest with a sad but hopeful heart

Written and directed by: Anna Melikyan Starring: Mariya Shalayeva, Evgeniy Tsyganov, Mariya Sokova, and Irina Skrinichenko My discovery of Anna Melikyan’s 2007 film “Mermaid” was… unique. I was mindlessl...

Review: “The Big Short” Is A Comedy That Also Packs A Dramatic Punch

In the mid-2000’s, the credit and housing bubbles were getting ready to pop (something that had never happened in American history), and only a small group of people saw it a few short years before it happened. Being laug...


Review: “Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse” Relies On Tired Humor

I understand that zombies are not real things and that makes critiquing anything involving them hard to do when you find a lot of things ridiculous, but ‘Scouts Guide’ packs in a lot of absurd things, along with imm...

“The Ridiculous 6” is painful to watch

Written by: Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler Directed by: Frank Coraci Starring: Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Taylor Lautner, Jorge Garcia, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Will Forte, and Steve Zahn And the list goes on and on… The...

Review: ‘Sleeping With Other People’ Forgets To Entertain the Audience

Womanizer Jake (Sudeikis) and serial cheater Lainey (Brie) meet in college when she’s found in hysterics and banging on the door of her TA and crush Matthew (Scott). When the two find out neither has slept with anyone, th...


Netflix recommendation: Wild Canaries

Written and directed by: Lawrence Michael Levine Starring: Lawrence Michael Levine, Sophia Takal, Alia Shawkat, Jason Ritter, Annie Parisse, Kevin Corrigan, and Lindsay Burdge As I usually do, with Netflix, I landed on a random...

Review: ‘The Night Before’ Is Fun but May Have Stretched Itself Too Thin

From now until the last time he steps on a set, Seth Rogen will always have to deal with fans judging his movies based on the ones he has already released. Was this one funnier than ‘This Is the End’, or ‘Pine...

Review: “Saving Christmas” Is Insulting To Christians and Non-Christians Alike

The Holiday season is fast approaching and one thing my family always does is watch Christmas-themed films throughout the day. You of course have your 24 hour marathon of “A Christmas Story“, you have “Scrooge...


The Final Girls – Proof that the “Popcorn movie” is alive and well

Written by: M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller Directed by: Todd Strauss-Schulson Starring: Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman, Alexander Ludwig, Nina Dobrev, Alia Shawkat, Thomas Middleditch, Adam DeVine, Angela Trimbur, Chloe Brid...