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“The Disaster Artist” Is Well Done But Not Entirely Necessary

I am one of the biggest fans of Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”. It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. It’s to the point where if you give me a couple minutes with someone who hasn’t seen it, I will...

Review: “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”

Jim Carrey. The mere mention of this name brings up so many memories as a kid growing up that loved comedies. In Living Color clips, Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask were viewed more times than I can remember. As I go...

“The Big Sick” Is A Good Test To See If Whoever You Watch It With Has A Heart

There are movies that revolve around sickness that are clearly meant to tug at the heart strings and seem to only be aiming to make you cry in the theater or in front of whoever happens to be watching it with you. While I can s...


“Dave Made A Maze” Is Refreshing and Fun

“Dave Made A Maze” is the directorial debut of Bill Watterson and the writing debut of Steven Sears, and what a debut it is. Original, fun, quirky, and smart, this is the type of movie fans of filmmaking and aspirin...

“68 Kill” Is A Woman-Fueled Bloodbath

“A woman calling the shots. I like it. If you ask me, there should be a few more of us in the world” – Liza   Women, murder, sex, guns, and comedy. Five words that perfectly sum up Trent Haaga’s new...

“Free Fire” Is A Creative Shoot-Em-Up Style Comedy

Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, Kill List, Sightseers) is no stranger to creating quirky characters that are dropped into extraordinary situations. With his most recent film, “Free Fire”, it’s more of the same from t...


“Another Evil” Is The Horror Comedy You Didn’t Know You Needed

Writer and first time, feature director Carson D. Mell (who has written for such shows as “Eastbound and Down” and “Silicon Valley”) brings a very unique and entertaining style, to his debut film “...

“War Machine” Proves To Be A Ho-Hum Affair

We’ve all seen that person that tries everything to fit into a social setting they’re not naturally inclined to be a part of. Whether it’s trying to be too angry, too happy, too funny, or too crazy, I know I&#...

Review: “Win It All” Doesn’t Have Anything To Say We Haven’t Already Heard

There are good movies, bad movies, and then the kind of movies that fall somewhere in the middle. This weird space for viewers where you’re left feeling indifferent. Those kind of movies are the hardest to review because ...


Review: “Pitching Tents” Uses Movie Cliches but Doesn’t Rely On Them

We’ve seen the movie before: seniors in high school are about to graduate, they want one last hurrah before making decisions that will impact their lives forever, and the whole time they have to hide the big party from th...