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Throwback Thursday Review: “Solo” (1996)

The 90s were full of sci-fi, action flicks having to do with cyborg soldiers. Obviously, movies like Terminator and Universal soldier come to mind, but dig deeper and you will find many more, less celebrated robo-warrior movies...

Review: “Come and Find Me” Is a Smart, Satisfying Thriller

  So, let’s say you meet someone. Eventually that someone becomes THAT someone, as you fall in love and move in together. Then… one day… they disappear without a trace, leaving you to wonder what happened...

Throwback Thursday Review: “Under Siege” (1992)

    I wasn’t allowed to watch many R rated movies, as a kid. Once in a while, my parents would fold and let me bask in the glow of an R rated feature, as long as they had already seen it. Their only criteria (mo...


88 – A fun, fast-paced revenge thriller

Writtenby : Tom Doiron and April Mullen Directed by: April Mullen Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Christopher Lloyd, Kyle Schmid, Jesse McCartney, Tim Doiron, and Michael Ironside Ever since the day a 19 year old me saw “Gi...