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Posted April 20, 2016 by MikeD in Comedy

Review of “Bunny the Killer Thing”

bunny 1

Written and directed by: Joonas Makkonen

Starring: Enni Ojutkangas, Hiski Hämäläinen, Roope Olenius, Jari Manninen, Veera W. Vilo, Olli Saarenpää, and Vincent Tsang

Rated: NR

Run time: 88 minutes

What does one expect, when sitting down to watch a horror/comedy called “Bunny the Killer Thing”? I, for one, expected a slasher flick about a were-rabbit offing a fairly decent number of attractive, young people. Well… I got that and a LOT more. Whether or not the more part was good, I can’t definitively say.

“Bunny the Killer Thing”, from Finnish writer/director Joonas Makkonen, opens up with a couple being dropped off at a cabin in the mountains for a weekend getaway. Pretty much immediately, the woman is killed by killers in masks and the man is taken to the laboratory of a mad scientist. Said mad scientist, for reasons unknown, injects the man with a serum that instantly gives him more strength. He breaks free of his restraints, and runs off into the woods where he becomes… you guessed it… a man/bunny hybrid. What you probably didn’t guess, is that he is armed with a massive penis and he is ready to f@!# like a rabbit. Okay… maybe you did guess that, but I didn’t.

bunny 2 Meanwhile nearby, a group of twenty-somethings are headed to their own cabin getaway, in search of a weekend full of drinking and humping.  Along the way, they bump into three strangers, who are stranded on the side of the road, and offer to tow their car to the cabin and let them crash there. After that, it’s off to the all too familiar cabin in the woods scenario. Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that the three strangers have someone or something locked in their trunk.

Anyway… Obviously the killer bunny finds the group, and being as there is a lot of the one thing he REALLY wants (hint: he constantly screams “PUSSY!” while bursting into rooms and chasing after people) he begins to wreak havoc on their fun. I should also probably mention that he wreaks havoc by swinging around his giant member, and tearing every female he can get his paws on apart (which was somewhat confusing… He wants “PUSSY!”, but when he gets it he kills it instead of what you figure he will do with it?).

bunny 3There are plenty of WTF?! moments in “Bunny”. Some are funny, some are dumb, and some are so dumb they are funny. The weirdest thing is I cannot make up my mind about how I felt about it all. I went through stages of hating it, then thinking it was pretty damn entertaining, then being angry at myself for being entertained. One definite plus is that there are about a dozen different drinking games I thought of to play (drink every time a penis is shown, drink every time Bunny yells “PUSSY!”, ect.). The comedy in the film is mostly of the “American Pie” and “The Hangover” variety. Boobs, jerking off, and farts abound. Teenage me would’ve LOVED it, but 35 year old me thinks it is only good to put on with company and have a few drinks and a few laughs.

“Bunny the Killer Thing” is NOT a good horror film, but it is (on some level) entertaining. I am sure it will find an audience among horror hounds, and maybe even spawn a sequel (Spoiler: after the credits roll, there is a scene that makes me think a sequel is in the works). Mostly, it had me saying “What in the hell am I watching?!”.



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