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Posted May 11, 2014 by MikeD in Drama

Proxy – “Moms gone mad”

“Proxy” directed by Zack Parker (Scalene) and starring Joe Swanberg and Kristina Klebe starts out as one film and about half way through becomes another. I knew very little going in aside from the fact that I have liked Mr. Swanberg in most of his films, and that it had something to do with a woman losing a child. Boy was I not ready for what I was about to watch! Throughout the movie, all of it’s key characters descend into madness, and do unspeakable things to both themselves and each other. 

    Parker does an excellent job at slowly building towards these events. Every time I thought I had figured out who did what and why, I was thrown for a loop in the very next scene. I admit I love that in a horror film, especially one where violence and gore are used sparsely, albeit effectively. The entire cast give solid performances, but I was most impressed with Alexa Havins (Torchwood). Being a newcomer to the genre, she does a terrific job as Melanie a mother and wife who after tragedy is losing her sanity (if she ever had it to begin with). Swanberg is also great as her husband Pat. You can’t help but feel sorry for his character as he is more or less left alone with his suffering and doesn’t deserve anything that happens to him.

    My only complaint with this movie is that, at the end, I felt somewhat dissatisfied. For a film with so many fun twists and turns, I felt like there should have been more of a tidy finish. All in all though I enjoyed it, and would recommend it to all who enjoy a good “Hitchcockian” slow burn thriller.

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