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Posted May 13, 2015 by MikeD in Short film

Please Punish Me – A short film about the “Curse” of good luck and paying it forward


Written by: Tom Paolino and Rich Camp

Directed by: Chris Esper

Starring: David Sackal and Joanna Donofrio

Scottie (Sackal) is a businessman who is about to receive a promotion at his job. He is unhappy with this though, because he feels it is not deserved. You see, Scottie is “Cursed” with good luck. To make up for the fact that he feels guilty about his good fortune, he seeks out punishment. Where he ends up is a house where people go to be punished by scantily clad dominatrixes.

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It is in this house of naughty boys and whip-wielding ladies that Scottie meets Michelle (Donofrio). Michelle is not only beautiful, but she too is in a place she doesn’t want to be because of her luck which unlike Scottie’s isn’t so good. In an effort to balance the universe, Scottie does something unthinkable and kind and leaves with a feeling of purpose.

“Please Punish Me” is a fun little short, with a good message that is delivered capably by it’s two lead actors and a clever script. I would like to see what Esper could do with a budget and a feature length script. If that ever happens (which I am sure it will), I would also hope he could find roles for both Sackal and Donofrio. You can see “Please Punish Me” on Vimeo.



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