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“Frankenstein Created Bikers” Is Everything You Could Ask For In An Exploitation Flick

Thank the grindhouse gods! The Impalers are back from the dead and badder than ever, in writer/director James Bickert‘s new film “Frankenstein Created Bikers”. The horror genre has seen more than its fair shar...


“Oklahoma City” Is A Harrowing and Poignant Documentary

April 1995. Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh detonated a bomb in the back of a Ryder Truck parked inside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building, killing 168 people; nine of which were children. He cited the events at Ruby Ridge an...


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  If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you rented a lot of movies. The decade was chock full of great kid/family flicks that had me and my friends scanning the walls of the local Blockbuster Video, every weekend, for som...


One of my favorite horror movies of all time is Sean Byrne’s “The Loved Ones”. I remember when my fiancee kept trying to get me to watch it and I kept opting for something else. Finally one day I surrendered t...


We’ve seen the movie before: seniors in high school are about to graduate, they want one last hurrah before making decisions that will impact their lives forever, and the whole time they have to hide the big party from th...


Review: “American Fable”

March 26, 2017

  The farming crisis of the 80s was devastating for many Midwestern families. losing their livelihoods, and in some cases committing suicide, farmers across America were suffering and their families were as well. In writer...


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