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Posted November 5, 2014 by MikeD in featured

Not Safe For Work – An intense game of cat and mouse


Written by: Adam Mason and Simon Boyes

Directed by: Joe Johnston

Starring: Max Minghella, JJ Feild, Eloise Mumford, and Christian Clemenson

Tom (Minghella) is a paralegal working at the prestigious Rosen, Byres and Emmerich law firm. He is determined to work his way up in the firm, and is also dating the beautiful clerk Anna. Life is good. But, when he gets a little too overambitious for his bosses, they fire him. He cleans out his cubicle and heads out of the firm for the last time, but on the way out he notices two men suspiciously exchanging a brief case. When he goes back up to the 34th floor to investigate, he witnesses a murder. After the killer shuts off power to the elevators, phone lines, and internet Tom realizes he is trapped in the office and must find a way to escape with his life.

I really enjoyed this movie for multiple reasons. I liked that the director chose to focus on the corporate espionage side of things, instead of taking the easy route and just having it be killer vs. good guy. During the game of cat and mouse that is going on, Tom is also investigating why the killer is there and what it is he is after. That side of the story really held my interest all the way through. As you get further in, the plot becomes pretty multi-layered, but never crosses the line into confusing. That takes a good script and a large amount of discipline on the part of the director.

I was also impressed with Max Minghella’s performance. Going in, I found it hard to imagine him as a Jack Ryan type of protagonist, but he carries the film (along with his hit man counterpart JJ Feild) well and seems to be very comfortable in this kind of role.

The films never falls in to any of the traps that most thrillers do. It is smart, well paced, and fun. I recommend it to anyone who likes corporate espionage films or killer on the loose type thrillers.

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