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Posted February 18, 2016 by MikeD in Documentary

Netflix Recommendation: “The Monster of Mangatiti” is a shocking true crime docu-drama

monster of mangatiti 1

Directed by: John Banas

Starring: Greta Gregory, Mark Mitchinson, and Flynn Allan

True crime documentaries have seen a massive rise in popularity lately, due in large part to the success of Netflix original “Making a Murderer”. Whether it’s the horrifying truth stories they tell, or the “Stranger than fiction” aspect, people are drawn to true tales of criminals and their victims. “The Monster of Mangatiti” is one such tale about a young woman named Heather Walsh (an incredible performance by Greta Gregory), who was held captive in the mountains of a remote region of New Zealand and made a sex slave to a violent hermit named Bill Cornelius (an equally strong and much more sinister performance by Mark Mitchinson).

This film is another example of the disgusting horrors that humans are capable of committing. Cornelius mentally and physically tortured a 19 year old Walsh, who’s psyche was so destroyed from having to cope with the experience that she wasn’t even able to come forward until 23 years later. Her story is one of bravery and incredible perseverance, and she has gone on to help many other victims of sexual violence.

monster of mangatiti 2

The reenactment is acted out wonderfully by both Gregory and Mitchinson. So much so that there were multiple times that I almost had to look away from the screen. Obviously “The Monster of Mangatiti” is not exaclty a great popcorn or date movie, but it is certainly worth watching for anyone who likes true crime docs. It might also appeal to fans of the horror or thriller genre’s as it was scarier than most of the genre films I have seen come out so far in 2016.




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