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Posted April 2, 2016 by MikeD in Comedy

Netflix Recommendation: He Never Died

he never died 1

Written and directed by: Jason Krawczyk

Starring: Henry Rollins, Jordan Todosey, Kate Greenhouse, and Booboo Stewart

Blending multiple genres, and making a film that is cohesive, is a tricky thing to accomplish even for the most seasoned directors. Writing an intelligent script that helps that goal along, and gives the actors playing the story’s characters material that they can throw themselves into completely is also no easy task. Well, writer/director Jason Krawczyk hugely succeeds at both, and gives Henry Rollins the lead role he was born to play, in “He Never Died”.

Rollins plays Jack, an isolated loner who spends his time playing bingo, drinking hot tea at a local diner, and paying a young medical intern (Stewart) loads of cash to bring him bags of human blood… that he consumes. All of these things are meant to distract Jack from the unrelenting hunger he feels and the rage that accompanies it. he never died 2For the most part he has been able to bore himself into sobriety until one day his daughter (Todosey), who’s existence was previously unknown to Jack, shows up at his door. This encounter starts a chain reaction of events that reveal more and more about who Jack is… and why he can’t die.

Rollins is perfect. He plays Jack with an all too familiar (for fans of his work anyway) brooding charisma and, although his dialogue is sparse and always short and to the point, I couldn’t help but hang on his every word as I watched. His interactions with Kate Greenhouse are especially enjoyable, and probably the only scenes in the movie I would dare refer to as lighthearted.

The rest of Krawczyk’s film is an interesting mixture of horror, dark (and I mean DARK) comedy, and noir. At it’s core, the film is a wonderful character study of both Jack and Rollins (who are basically the same person, minus the whole immortal cannibal stuff). While all of the other stuff is going on, you become deeply interested in Jack and why he is the way he is. That carries all the way to the end of the film, and I have to say, when it was over, I wanted more.

he never died 3Easily one of the more unique films I have seen in a while, “He Never Died” is a very good if not great film. It is the kind of movie I wish there was way… WAY more of. Krawczyk’s strong script and capable direction, and Rollins incredible performance make it a film that should not be missed. So get on your Netflix right now and watch it!






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