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Posted December 31, 2015 by MikeD in Action

Mythica: The Necromancer

mthica 3 1

Written by: Jason Faller, Liska Ostojic , and Justin Partridge

Directed by: A. Todd Smith

Starring: Melanie Stone, Jake Stormoen, Adam Johnson, Nicola Posener, Philip Brodie, Robert Jayne, and Kevin Sorbo

The fine people at Arrowstorm Entertainment are doing something very important for the fantasy film genre. They are keeping alive the heart and soul of fantasy movies, by making low-budget, story-driven films that focus on the key ingredients to any good fantasy film: adventure, love, and magic. None of Arrowstorm’s films embody this more than the “Mythica” franchise. Wizards, warlocks, elves, and orcs populate these good ol’ fashion tales of sword fights and heroism. I know, I know this all sounds really geeky. And, it is… and gloriously so.

In the third installment (titled “Mythica: The Necromancer”) our heroes Marek (Stone), Dagen (Stormoen), Thane (Johnson), and Teela (Posener) are back and facing a new (and old) set of challenges. Thane is taken prisoner by Marek’s old master, Peregus Mallister (Jayne), and kept alive only on the condition that the rest of the group go on a mission to retrieve some precious cargo for Mallister. Accompanied by Mallister’s sinister right hand man Betylla (Brodie) they set out on their journey, but things go from bad to worse when Marek realizes that their old enemy Szorlok is waiting for them. Allegiances are tested, and difficult sacrifices must be made by the group to not only save Thane from death at the hands of Mallister but to prevent Szorlok from achieving his goal of possessing the darkspore.

mythica 3 2

I got everything I wanted out of “Mythica: The Necromancer”. I wanted it to build on the story of the first two, and it did. I wanted to see not just the evolution of Marek, Dagen, Thane, and Teela as characters, but also see the actors themselves become more cohesive as co-stars. They did. And, I wanted to see the franchise take a turn for the darker, and amp up the “This might be too much for the kids” factor. It most certainly did that as well, and as a result is the best of the three films so far. As a cinephile, geek, and lover of all things fantasy I couldn’t be more pleased with the third (of five) “Mythica” film. My only hope is that those trends continue into the fourth and fifth films. If they do, I would say the “Mythica” franchise is destined for the cult film hall of fame.



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