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Posted April 1, 2015 by MikeD in Fantasy

Mythica: A Quest For Heroes


Written by: Anne K. Black ,Jason Faller , and Kynan Griffin

Directed by: Anne Black

Starring: Melanie Stone, Adam Johnson, Jake Stormoen, Nicola Posener, Kevin Sorbo, and Christopher Robin Miller

Marek (Stone), a disabled slave girl with a natural ability for magic, dreams of a life of adventure. When she accidentally uses her magic on her owner, defending herself, she has to go on the run. Gojun Pye (Sorbo), a wizard who has been tutoring her in spells, tells her to head to the local tavern and ask for a man called Hammerhead (Miller). She finds him, and soon after meets a beautiful priestess named Teela (Posener) who is in need of help in rescuing her sister after the destruction of their village by a hoard of orcs and an Ogre. They recruit Thane (Johnson) a soldier and Dagen (Stormoen) a thief to aid them in their quest and set off.

In my youth I loved nothing more than an epic, adventurous fantasy film. I spent countless hours watching the thrilling quests of heroes like Willow Ufgood and Dread pirate Roberts. Admittedly, that love has followed me into my 30s, and I still get excited at the prospect of watching a new fantasy film full of goblins, wizards and fairies. I am always a little worried though when the fantasy film I am going to watch is one that was made with an exceptionally tiny budget. Half of the fun in fantasy movies is the costume design, the battles between good and evil, and the hideous monsters that the heroes must defeat.

I am happy to report that even with it’s budget limitations and relatively unknown cast, “Mythica” not only holds it’s own but is actually a thoroughly enjoyable fantasy adventure. Director Anne Black (along with co-writers Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin) has created a familiar but fantastic world full of mythical beasts and magic. She used gorgeous scenery, effective creature effects (although at times I had issues with the Ogre’s appearance), and a talented foursome of actors to make the first installment of the planned trilogy a success.

As I mentioned, the acting is quite good. Kevin Sorbo is the most famed name attached, but his role is a minor one. It is the four that comprise the group of heroes that really stand out. Adam Johnson as the brave, battle-tested warrior is great. Jake Stormoen plays a Madmartigan type of scoundrel and also provides much of the humor in the film. Nicola Posener does a good job as well and show grace and poise in a role that demands it, but I would like to see her get more dialogue in the next installment.

Ladies of Mythica

Now for me to talk about Melanie Stone’s Marek (shown on the left in the picture above next to the enchanting priestess Teela). This character is what got me to really love this movie. She is everything you could want in a female protagonist. She is fearless in the face of any danger, and her determination to be more than the crippled slave the world sees her as really drives the story and connects you to the character. I am very excited to see how she handles more of the darkness in her coming out in the future films. Again, for being the key character in a fantasy world, she more than comes through… she kicks ass.

I cannot wait to see what Anne Black can and will do in the next installment, with what will hopefully be a larger budget. I expect that to be the case because “A Quest For Heroes” is certainly good enough that it will have viewers coming back (and hopefully contributing). We at thefilmphilosopher.com contributed to the second film on Kickstarter right after finishing the movie. We hope to see their goal reached soon so this capable cast and crew can continue to create!




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