Throwback Thursday Review: “Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation” Is Pure, 90s Animated fun





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The 90s were absolutely packed with quality, afternoon cartoons. Not a day went by, without my brothers and I coming home from school, grabbing a snack, and flipping on the TV to watch one of the many hilarious adventures of Darkwing Duck, the DuckTales gang, or the tiny, toony, loony characters from Acme University. I could go on and on, talking about all of the other fine animated programs of the 90s, but we are here to talk about Tiny Toon Adventures.

Tiny Toons had it all, when it came to what kids wanted in their cartoons. It was funny, a tad violent (in a silly, slapsticky way), and had younger, hipper versions of the old familiar WB characters our parents had grown up loving and had exposed us to from birth. The show became so popular, in fact, that it spawned a series of direct-to-video movies. The best and highest grossing of those was “How I Spent My Vacation”, which went on to be aired for three consecutive summers while the show finished its 65 episode run.

The movie (which is now available on DVD although the quality is a bit lacking) has Babs, Buster, Plucky, and the rest of the kids from Acme acres splitting up and going on a series of adventures over their summer break. There are the usual “Getting run over by a car multiple times” gags that have been a staple of WB cartoons since the beginning, but there is so much more!

The humor is intelligent (much like it was in the show and others of the time like “Animaniacs”), and at times even a little adult. There are a million references to 90s celebrities like Arsenio Hall and Pee-Wee Herman, and the adventures the kids go on get dangerous and at times even a bit scary for younger kids. There is one scene in particular that has a banjo-wielding possum distracting Buster while his creepy family attempt to cook Babs up for dinner. I loved it, but some of today’s more sensitive parents might not be so stoked.

The main reason I chose to watch and review this film is that my best friend Chelsea Brayfield adores the hell out of it, and asked me long ago to do a write up on it. So this is basically me keeping a promise, but  I gotta say I enjoyed the hell out of it too. I laughed pretty much throughout the entire 78 minutes, and even decided to purchase it on my Amazon video account afterwards. I mean I know I will be watching it again, after a few glasses of wine, somewhere down the road.

Basically, “How I Spent My Vacation” is just one fine example of how much being a kid in the 90s kicked ass. The cartoons, the toys, the MC Hammer pants… everything ruled, and I am happy I got to experience it. Any 90s child that hasn’t seen this flick definitely should, and then probably go marathon the show because it is every bit as good!





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