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Back in 2000 (I feel so old saying that), a little movie called “Road Trip” was released. It starred a young, up-and-coming cast featuring Seann William Scott (hot off of his break out role in American Pie), Breckin Meyer (who had been all over film in the 90s in movies like The Craft, 54, and Go) and Tom Green (who enjoyed a brief run of people adoring him in the late 90s/ early 2000s). Directed and co-written by newcomer Todd Phillips (who would later direct such fine films as Old School and… well that’s really his only other good one), it was a movie that everyone in my circle loved. The story was a simple one: Josh (Meyer) accidentally sends his girlfriend a video tape of him having sex with another girl (Amy Smart), and has to race against time, to intercept the tape, before she gets it.

road trip 2Phillips wasn’t relying on a gripping story though. He was relying on a series of National Lampoon-esque gags, and the charisma of his talented, young cast. Every time the fellas seem like they are destined to succeed, in their mission, some hilariously unfortunate thing befalls them, and they are stuck racing to make up time. Whether it is their car blowing up, or a hotel clerk (Andy Dick) telling them their credit card is maxed out and the guys having to sell sperm to make money, there are plenty of entertaining moments. Each of the stars pull their weight, and there are a few fun cameos as well (I totally forgot that Todd Barry is in this movie).

Make no mistake, this movie does not feature much in the way of intelligent humor. This is a gross-out raunch fest that followed in the footsteps of “There’s Something About Mary” and yes… “American Pie”. The only feel-good element to “Road Trip” is thanks to Amy Smart’s Beth being a strong, sexually forward woman who is ultimately the only real protagonist deserving a happy ending. Her character being disgusted by the ridiculous, unfaithful behavior of the men surrounding her is the only recess from the constant sex jokes and disgusting restaurant scenes, involving hairy asses and French toast.

road trip 3For all of it’s juvenile jokes and over the top silliness, “Road Trip” is pretty good. There are plenty of laughs and good enough performances that the paper thin story gets to the end without (at least for me) losing it’s audience. Yes, it is awful that there was a sequel (has anybody actually seen that thing?) but at least we have the original to look back at with fondness. In a time when there were so many gross-out comedies, “Road Trip” may not be the best… but it’s certainly not the worst.




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