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In 1993, horror fans were given one hell of a surprise ending to “Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday”. The glove of Freddy Krueger coming out of the dirt, and dragging Jason’s mask down into the flames of hell had them all trembling, in anticipation of an eventual showdown, between two of horror’s biggest icons. The two were supposed to have clashed, in 1987, but Paramount and New Line could not agree on a story or who would get the franchising rights. However, in 2003, New Line finally finished the film, which had gone through dozens of re-writes and other production issues (including the unpopular choice to replace Kane Hodder with Ken Kirzinger, for the role of Jason). Fortunately, it did not disappoint fans or the studio execs, going on to gross over $110 million against a $30 million budget.

Freddy is, to put it lightly, unhappy. The children of Springwood have forgotten all about him, and, with their nightmares vanishing, so has Freddy’s power. Angered, by the lack of fear and respect, Freddy decides to let another killer do his dirty work for him. Posing as Jason Voorhees’ mother, Freddy resurrects the machete-wielding monster and sends him to Elm Street with orders to kill anything in his path. The plan works flawlessly, as soon everyone in Springwood is whispering the forgotten name of Freddy Krueger.

freddy-vs-jason-2There is just one little problem… once Freddy has regained his strength, and is ready to relieve Jason of his duties, Jason keeps on killing. In order to dispose his “Bad dog”, Freddy drugs Jason and welcomes him to the nightmare world. In an effort to rid themselves of the murderous duo, the kids of Springwood, led by Lori (Monica Keena) and Will (Jason Ritter), flip the script on Freddy and bring him into the real world, where Jason has home field advantage. That is when the fun really starts, as Freddy and Jason slice, dice, burn, and drown each other, in an effort to win the right to take more victims and be the most feared killer in horror.

Even with some familiar (and attractive) faces, playing the mortal, would be victims (including Ginger Snaps’ leading lady Katharine Isabelle playing a boozy floozy) Freddy and Jason are the main attraction here. They each use every kill tactic in their respective books, to try and destroy each other. The switching from Freddy’s nightmare world to Camp Crystal Lake is done perfectly, and showcases the strengths and weaknesses of both killers, in a number of fun, bloody ways. While Jason does get most of the kills, Englund, as usual, seems to still have a blast spouting out one-liners and morphing into other creatures and things, to terrorize Freddy’s children.

The movie was not given good reviews, at the time, and has a pretty low Metascore 37/100. Even with many decrying it as just another slice-em-up installment of the two franchises, I really enjoy “Freddy vs. Jason”. Obviously I am not alone, as it garnered not only box office success but there are rumors that there may be a sequel, in the future. I hope there is, and I hope they go through with the idea, originally meant for the 2003 film, to somehow include “Hellraiser” villain Pinhead! How awesome would that be?!





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