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The story behind ‘The Evil Within’ and how it got made is definitely more interesting than the film itself. A passion project for its writer and director, Andrew Getty, that took fifteen years to make, cost somewhere between four and six million dollars of his own money, and shot in the mansion he lived in: ‘The Evil Within’ ultimately amounts to nothing more than a jumbled mess that is only respectable from the standpoint of the dedication of its creator.

Based on nightmares Getty himself had had, the film follows Dennis (Frederick Koehler), a mentally handicapped man that lives with his brother John (Sean Patrick Flanery) who gifts him a large, awkward mirror (apparently to raise the value of the house once it was going to be sold?). Dennis begins a friendship with his own reflection, or a demon that can look just like him, or Dennis is the demon? I’m getting sidetracked. Anyway, he befriends what he sees in the mirror and is eventually convinced that if he begins killing people, he will start to feel smarter. Yeah. That’s just his story. Then you have John who argues with his girlfriend Lydia (Dina Meyer) and eats out at restaurants pretty much all the time, a young woman who works at an ice cream parlor, Susan (Brianna Brown), who has caught the eye of Dennis, and then a social worker Mildy (Kim Darby) who got an anonymous tip that John was hurting Dennis and so, without any proof, must take him away from John.  If you followed any of that, congratulations. It was a lot harder to grasp while watching the film itself. While asking who the hell most of these people were, I found myself thrust into a different setting and situation that I then had to untangle.

There are murders that may or may not have even actually taken place, there’s a scene where Dennis is trying to attack Susan and they both deliver what could only be described as a sad display of parkour, and then there’s the matter of the library guy. While John and Lydia are running around town realizing they don’t recognize anyone anymore, they are quite relieved that they run into a man they call “The Library Guy”. The Library Guy tells them that the books Dennis has been receiving have been mixed up with the books a man named Chuck was wanting to read. At first this is a bad thing, but somewhere in the conversation it turns into a relief. At no point do you know who Chuck is or why books on taxidermy would be some huge problem, but you are given the information at a surface level as all the parties involved pretend to have never even talked to one another once their conversation ends while they sit one table away at a restaurant patio.

Watching this movie had me like…

The ending, which I won’t ruin for anyone, was the best part of the movie full of “What the hell?” moments and overacting. It really brings the ridiculousness of the entire film to its peak and then drops the viewer off a cliff. A fun drinking game to play while watching ‘The Evil Within’ is take a shot every time it turns from night to day or vice versa while the timeline is supposed to only be moments apart.

There are movies that are so bad they actually end up being enjoyable. While ‘The Evil Within’ toed the line between at least entertaining and the worst movie I’ve ever seen, I would say it’s a perfect film to gather your friends together to watch and pick out your favorite worst part.

The film is currently streaming on Amazon Prime. Watch it now because I’m not sure how long it will last before it becomes a forgotten, convoluted mess that once was at one point.




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