“Space Babes From Outer Space” Is Something New (But Equally Awesome) From Brian K. Williams And Scott Schirmer



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Holy Asteroids! Space Women!!! Bandit pictures takes a break from it’s focus on original, unflinchingly raw horror, to bring something a little lighter (and bustier) to their fans. Brian Williams and Scott Schirmer are the creative duo behind Bandit Pictures; the Indie studio that has gifted the horror genre with such titles as the unforgettable “Plank Face” and one of my favorite indie films of the last few years “Harvest Lake”. Along with a cast of talented performers including Ellie Church, Jason Crowe, and Alyss Winkler, the Bandit team has produced such quality horror, that I (along with many other fans of the genre) believe them to be one of the more exciting voices in indie film. Well, the boys are back, with Ellie, Alyss and the lovely Allison Maier for their first venture into sexy space comedies.

When the Space Babes’ ship is attacked by their evil enemies, the Scrotes, they are forced to crash land on the man-filled planet Earth. Thank you, Space Jesus!!! These three bodacious ladies have to recharge their ship with the only fuel available… sexual energy from boners! Fortunately, lonely farm boy Charlie (Brian Papandrea) is there to guide them on their quest. And, guide them he does… to the strip club (which let’s face it is the best place to go if you need a large quantity of human wood). “We are here for your boners!” they declare, as they prepare to utilize everything they have at their disposal, to refuel their ship. Meanwhile, the Scrotes are hot on their tails (or should it say on their hot tails?), and leaving a trail of destruction and dead strippers in their wake.

This should come as no surprise, but the makers of some of the best indie horror flicks of the last decade hit a home run, with their first film outside of the genre. “Space Babes” has literally every damn thing you could possibly want in a sci-fi, sex comedy. Boobs, butts, boners, and plenty of laughs… oh, and did I mention boobs? You also get treated to a depraved, sitcom dinner scene, a golden shower, and so much more. I am pretty sure that Brian Williams is the master of the “Beautiful women, doing random shit, while looking sexy” montage. Ellie Church is fantastic as always, as Carrieola. At this point, she has to be considered indie film royalty. It seems like every time her name is attached to a film, it ends up being insanely good. While she is given the “Love story” lead, Ragyna (Alyss Winkler) and Vanassa (Allison Maier) get to have the more dirty kind of fun, and seem to have a blast doing it. There are also a bunch of great cameos from people that fans, of Williams and Schirmer’s other films, will immediately recognize.

“Space Babes” is a ton of fun to watch. Everything, from the aesthetic, to the score, to the countless innuendos, had me grinning and giggling through the entire movie. There is nothing not to like here, in what I am sure will become a cult classic. It was really cool to see Williams and Schirmer spread their creative wings, and I hope they continue to do so (as long as it doesn’t mean we get less horror).




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