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Vladislav (Clement), Viago (Waititi), Deacon (Brugh), and Petyr (Fransham) are four flatmates that also happen to be hundreds-of-years-old vampires. Watch as a documentary crew follows them around as they deal with each other not doing chores, ex-girlfriends that got away, and vampire hunters finding out where they live. Full of dry humor and a couple of slapstick moments, What We Do In the Shadows is a student of the mockumentaries that came before it and overall adds another good film to the genre.

Hilarious scenes of the guys drawing each other before going out because they don’t have reflections, Petyr being asked to sweep up the skeletons that riddle the floor of his basement, and how they try to update some of the vampire gags from “Lost Boys”. Every character in this film is likable for their own reasons and you begin to sympathize with these guys who are trying to deal with their own immortality and the boredom that comes with that. Everything seems to be going very well until a new vampire shows up. He’s not too keen on keeping their secret from the outside world as he visits bars and claims to be the “Main guy in Twilight”. It’s a hilarious clash between the mysterious nature of older vampires and the clueless behavior of a modern one. Whether they like it or not, things are about to change and they must decide if they’re going to roll with the punches or put an end to the film and go back to being creatures of the night.

While the laughs aren’t gut-busting, What We Do In the Shadows prides itself on being a smart comedy that may not be for everyone. Fortunately for me, it was right up my alley.




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