Review: “The Mind’s Eye” is a fun as hell throwback to the sci-fi/horror films of the 80s!





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A lot of the best movies to come out of the indie horror scene, over the last few years, have been fun homages, to the sci-fi/horror films of the 80s. One of my absolute favorite films last year, “Turbo Kid”, was a wild, laugh-a-minute trip back to those trashy b-movies that had enough blood, boobs, and BMXs to please all of the insomniac horror hounds of my generation. Then, this year, Netflix gave all of us 80s kid sci-fi/horror fans something new to obsess over, in “Stranger Things”. A new, darker entry, into that group of 80s inspired fun, is Joe Begos’ (Almost Human) “The Mind’s Eye”. Featuring a cast of bright, up and coming faces (and one old, familiar one), in the indie horror scene, “The Mind’s Eye” is yet another fine example of what can be accomplished, if the inspiration is nostalgia, and fun is the main focus.

Zack Connors (Skipper) is arrested, after accidentally using his “Psychokinetic” powers, on a couple of policemen. Soon after, Zack is visited, by Dr. Slovak (Speredekos). Slovak injects him with a serum to block his powers, and tells him about his institute, that helps people with psychokinetic abilities. He also tells him that his estranged love, Rachel (Carter) is there, and if he comes willingly he can see her.

the mind's eye 2Once Zack realizes that Slovak is a lying scumbag, who is using Zack and others like him for power, he decides to plan an escape. With the help of his friend David (Mercer), he attempts to rescue Rachel and flee the institute. The resulting game of cat and mouse is a bloody, head-exploding hell of a fun ride!

“The Mind’s Eye” is an impressive indie film, for multiple reasons. While Begos isn’t necessarily putting a new spin on genre films, he is getting back to the basics of damn good practical effects, mixed with good character development. And, fun… “The Mind’s Eye” is just really, REALLY fun! The second half of the movie especially is full of telekinetic object throwing, head explosions, decapitations and more than a handful of hat-tipping moments to the Cronenberg and Carpenter films we 80s kids grew up on.

No, this is not on the same level as say “Scanners” (which it will definitely be compared to). There are a few moments where the films lags a bit, and Speredekos WAY overdoes putting his “Villain” cap on. At times he seems like he is going for a Freddy kind of persona, but it never really hits the mark. Those were my only real issues with it though, and they didn’t do much to hamper my enjoyment, of what I consider a very solid indie horror film. Skipper is a good protagonist, Lauren Ashley Carter gives yet another performance that solidifies her as one of my favorite young genre stars, and Fessenden is… well Fessenden. All in all, “The Mind’s Eye” is a movie that I will have no problem recommending to friends and family, for popcorn and a movie night.





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