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Ah, and we’re back with another film from Eli Roth. Another movie that he claimed has a lot more meaning than what we’re actually given. Another group of characters who do not garner any sympathy from the viewers because they are the worst versions of a human being. With ‘Green Inferno’, I was hoping Roth would at least give me some tastefully done shocking moments, some imagery that would stick with me long after the film ended, unfortunately I was instead shown Daryl Sabara’s (Spy Kids) shaft, I watched as a young woman had a diarrhetic shit for absolutely no apparent reason, and another male character jerk off. Yeah…not as much ‘shocking’ as it was unnecessary and uncomfortable while adding nothing to the overall story. It was like when a young kid tries to say something that’s shocking because they got a reaction from it once, but because they keep saying it over-and-over for no reason at all, it starts to make you feel uneasy. Eli Roth is a little kid that’s been given a camera and a lot of money to bring his brand of storytelling to the big screen, and we’re all paying the price (literally and figuratively).


Justine (Izzo) is a college student whose father works for the United Nations — a fact that she has no problem telling someone whenever she wants to be taken seriously. When a group of activists invite her to join them, she doesn’t hesitate to fly with them to the Amazon to try and help save a group of natives. When their plane crashes, the surviving members are taken into captivity by the natives and used as playthings, as well as dinner.

While the premise itself is weak, the acting and writing does nothing to make the situation better. Roth seems to like to put his characters through grotesque torture wheels, and because you aren’t attached to any of them, you end up wondering why you’re watching in the first place. I can’t tell if he’s writing these characters to be so annoying you don’t care if they die, or if he just can’t write. Either way I found myself hating them, and the cannibalistic natives were just there; just used as a threat to this main group of people, so you really feel nothing for them either. ‘The Green Inferno’ is just one ridiculous moment after another like when one of the characters that has died has a bag of weed stuffed down her throat so that the natives get high and the kids can make their escape. When one of the people is left behind and the natives find him, they begin gnawing at his hands and he yells, “They have the munchies!” Yeah, it’s that kind of film.

Last week, Buzzfeed writer  suggested that Roth is just a troll, trolling horror fans all over the world with his terrible movies. It’s a nice thought. It would be better knowing he’s just screwing with everyone and eventually he’ll start to put out the films we always think we’re going to get, but I don’t feel that’s the case at all. Just like I don’t believe Tommy Wiseau that ‘The Room’ was supposed to be a comedy. I will say (and have said before) that Eli Roth clearly knows his horror film history. He could list off films that even horror fanatics haven’t heard about, but his execution leaves a lot to be desired.

There’s nothing in ‘The Green Inferno’ that I can point to and say, “At least you’ll enjoy this part”, so I will just tell you to avoid it. At the very end of the film, when the credits are rolling, Roth sets up the ability for a sequel. I’m really hoping that never comes to fruition.






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