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From the opening scene, ‘The Editor’ lets you know what type of movie it is: an over-the-top horror-comedy that has no qualms with gratuitous violence, sex, and the use of over-dubbing. In other words, it’s so much fun that you won’t want it to end.

Adam Brooks plays Rey Ciso (who is better known as Editor), a man that lost four of his fingers in an editing accident and had them replaced with cold, wooden fingers that makes everyone label him a cripple. Since his once-movie-starlet-wife, Josephine (de la Huerta), will barely look at him anymore, Rey loses himself in the editing process; sometimes staying overnight just to finish one scene. That proves problematic as bodies start popping up in the workplace and Rey becomes the prime suspect. Peter Porfiry (Kennedy) is a young inspector that’s trying to prove himself to his wife’s father – the police chief – and immediately sets his sights on Rey; pretty much ignoring things happening right in front of him like when he interviews one of the lead actors, Cal (Sweeney), and doesn’t seem bothered with the knives, chainsaws, and blades Cal is loading up into his trunk. The cat-and-mouse game between Peter and Rey adds a lot of comedy throughout; like when Peter notices Rey must have stayed on the set overnight because he’s wearing the same clothes from the day before. When Rey points out that Peter is, too, Peter laughs and responds, “I’m an inspector, Rey. I have to wear the same clothes every day.”

This film is an homage to Italian Giallo movies and does a perfect job at keeping the same tone throughout. Any slight slip-up or joke gone too far and this film could have fallen flat on its face. Instead it has on-point writing, perfect directing, and amazing acting that will have you laughing and gasping all the way to the end credits.





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