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In this comedic short film, a man named Chuck (Kris Salvi) sees a woman (Christie Devine) in a park that he had a dream about before he even knew who she was. In his dream, she was sitting on a park bench, enjoying a fruit cocktail which is where he finds her in reality, with a fruit cocktail; something she admittedly says she never eats, but happens to have one this day. The woman, Morgan (definitely not Lulu), is clearly put off: did he really have a dream so specific about this particular day? Has he been watching her and came up with a story to possibly do something horrific to her? Is this just his unsettling way of hitting on women? If she had any doubts about the authenticity, maybe the fact that their meeting opens up a portal in which the woman’s dead relatives come back and warn her not to waste her time with ol’ Chuck will help convince her. She says she actually had a dream, too, but she was buying tires for her car. Chuck works in a tire factory! That’s not true. He lied about that. But it would have been an odd coincidence.

While the whole thing to Chuck started off as meaning maybe they should sleep together, this whole Deja Vu thing ends up being an important meeting, but not for Chuck and Morgan’s future together, but her future with a guy that worked at a tire factory and Chuck’s future in the past. It will all make sense when you watch it.

A light, comedic short film that possesses a lot of character, “The Deja Vuers” is a promising start from director Chris Esper and writer Jason K. Allen. Creative up-and-coming talents that you should definitely keep your eye on. This movie is one you can watch over and over and discover something new you find hilarious, or hilariously depressing, which is impressive for a short film that clocks in just under eight minutes. My favorite part is when the two characters start to breakdown why they aren’t attracted to the other, yet Chuck still says he thinks they should sleep together because they’ll always wonder why they dreamed about one another if they don’t. This is when other characters start to appear and block Chuck’s advances.




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